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    We offer a new range of metal food factory stick pens Suitable for use in the Food / Pharmaceutical / Packaging and Beverage industries.
    Our metal pen is made using 2 different types of metal to offer magnetic and metal detectable/X-Ray detectable qualities.
    Chrome plating in a decorative nickel-chrome system. This provides a tarnish resistant, pleasing bluish, brilliant, clear deposit on nickel plating.
    The deposit is hard and therefore resistant to abrasion and wear. Due to these properties, a very thin coating of 0.25 to 0.8 microns of chrome provides a durable and attractive finish.
    Thick hard chrome deposits are employed where good surface hardness, abrasion, wear resistance and anti-seize properties are desired.
    Hard Chromium is widely used for gauges, cutting tools, metal forming, drawing dies, machine parts such as piston rings, cylinder liners, crank shafts for marine and aeroplane engines, bearings hydraulic gears, salvage of worn and defective machinery parts, moulds and printing rollers.
    The pen unit incorporates high quality metal refills, unlike many other metal pens which use plastic components and refills inside the unit & can now be easily refilled using the range of Ballpoint Pen Refills.
    We offer 4 types of metal refill to suit all our customers requirements and budgets:
      Standard refill (Retractable pen)
      Pressurised refill for wet and greasy environments('Cryo' pen)
      Gel refill for cold conditions such as freezers & cold stores (Gel pen)
      Fine Tip refill for extra fine writing (Fine Tip pen)
      Metal stick pens are suitable for many applications, ideal for use in ambient working temperature's and a clean environment, or where a one piece pen with no clip is stipulated.
      Please contact the office for more information or simply click enquire on the product to send a direct email to our sales team.


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