5 Reasons to use our Hose Reels!

Our New Range of Hose Reels consist of a range for hygienic environments such as the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Hose Reels ranges from cold to hot water and are designed for high or low pressure.

Our self retracting reels improve hygiene enhance safety and prolong hose life.

Check out below the reasons why you should use hose reels in your factory.


Efficiency of your Hose Reels


    By storing your hose on a reel you make your area more efficient. No one likes a messy factory and seeing a hose lay all over the floor.
    You Hose and Reel is readily available at any time required in a convienient place.
    Hose on a reel for when you need it and stored away for when you dont.






Hose Wear of your Hose Reels


Hose Wear without Hose Reels

    Trailing hoses and cables are prone to wear and tead when left laying on the floor. Being run over or caught in machinery reduces the life of the hose.
    Hose can last up to FIVE times longer when stored properly on hose reels! Saving you Money!
    Reduces down time, allows maintenance team to focus on their priorities.





Leakage of Hoses without a Reel


leakage problems without a hose reel

    Air and Water leakage costs industry ££££ Millions – Globally.
    Hose on reels can reduce the risk of costly air and water leakage from the hose! If its on a reel, its not on the floor! Saving you Money!!







Safety – Prevent accidents with our Hose Reels

Safety accidents without a hose reel

    Approximatley 45% on accidents in the workplace are caused by tripping hazards!
    Hose left lying on the floor is an accident waiting to happen!
    How much does an accident caused by a tripping hazard cost a company? Insurance costs/ Replacement workers / Aggravation!










    Hoses stored on hose reels makes your working environment tidier and looking more professional to potential customers and suppliers alike!






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